Time for an oil change! The importance of changing your oil

Guess what?!?!? It’s time to get your oil changed!!

The most common and frequent maintenance needed for your car is changing the oil. Sometimes, this is also the most dreaded maintenance to be done for your car. Some people just accept the oil light as dashboard decoration.

You might ask yourself, why do you even need your oil changed? Or, at least, why do you have to get it changed so frequently? Before I explain why you need to get your oil changed regularly, let me first explain the function of your engine oil.

Your engine is full of parts that are constantly moving. Your engine oil keeps the many parts in your engine nice and lubricated. Without engine oil, the moving parts would generate large amounts of friction and heat which could cause your engine to fail.

Well, let’s think about the last time you were cold. One of the ways you might have warmed yourself up might have been by rubbing your arms with your hands. Well, imagine rubbing your hands on your skin at 100 mph. You might get heat then begin to feel a burning sensation from the friction. This is what would happen without oil but times ten.

Now you might be thinking, I have oil in my car, why get it changed? The reason you need to change your oil is because overtime the oil begins to break down due to the heat and constant rubbing of engine parts. Your oil also contains unburned fuel and other contaminants that can damage your engine overtime.

Still not sold on how important it is to get your oil changed? That’s fair, but let’s discuss what happens when you don’t get your oil changed.

When your oil begins to break down, large amounts of contaminants accumulate, and your oil begins to lose its function. This means it can no longer keep your engine parts lubricated properly which results in excessive heat within the engine.

This excessive heat can cause the parts within your engine to warp and eventually break causing major engine failure. In other words, now instead of a $50 oil change, you are now in need of a new engine. And, trust me, the engine is not the cheapest to replace.

To determine how often you need to get your oil changed you can refer to your owner’s manual. Mechanics have been saying you need your oil changed every 3,000 miles but, in most cases, your oil can be changed every 5,000-7,500 miles. If you are using a full synthetic oil it can even last up to 15,000 miles without being changed.

I hope you now have a better understanding of what your engine oil does and why it is important to change it regularly. Now, you won’t dread that little light in the corner of your dashboard! Instead, you will be ready and willing to maintain your car’s oil and get your fair repair!

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