Making Decisions at the Car Repair Shop Counter

I know in the stressful tense moment of getting your car repaired it might seem you need to make an immediate decision upon receiving your quote at the repair shop counter. I’m sure the mechanic doesn’t make it easy either as they give you the death stare like your car might actually blow up in the next 30 seconds.

No issue is serious enough to require an immediate decision unless of course in the rare occasion your car might actually be in the process of exploding.  Just kidding!

When getting your car repaired it is very important to pause (maybe add some woosahs in there) and really think about what may need to be done to your car. A lot of times a quick 10 or 30 second pause can provide enough clarity to make a better decision, even if you are not much of a car person. In some cases if your car is still drivable it may not be a bad idea to wait until the next day to make your final decision.

You may ask “what do I do during this pause”. I guess it could be a little awkward if you and the mechanic all of a sudden engage in a very competitive staring contest. During this pause you could do a quick google search to better understand what the mechanic is saying is wrong with your car. It might even turn out that the $200 tail light replacement could cost you $20 and 10 minutes at your house to actually fix.

You could also shop around to check if there are other mechanics who could perform the repair at a cheaper price. The key is to make a conscious well thought out decision to avoid being taken advantage of by dishonest mechanics.

Thanks for reading. Let me know your thoughts and other possible situations you have been in where a mechanic may have tried the quick decision trick.

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